By working with Fredel Education you will select the right school for your child.

By working with us you increase your chances of receiving positive educational offers

What We Do

We work with parents to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible aproach to choosing a school… and having that school offer your child a place!

Alongside their health your child’s education is the most important aspect of their life.

British high school education is Best in Class!

Finding the right school for your child and then having that school choose your child is a process often typified by stress, stress and more stress! We take all the stress out of the school selection process.

Many schools are able to pick and choose which children they accept and which they don’t.

Services For Families

Our comprehensive School Placements Service offers expert, independent advice to help you navigate through the complexity of the information and help you place your child(ren) aged 2-18.

Define your child’s future education

We work closely with you in order to determine your child’s educational profile and develop an educational plan for your child. When relevant we can recommend activities and training so that your child can improve their abilities and enhance their opportunities. We monitor your child’s progress and aim to grow their self-regard and confidence.


School selection and applications

Our team provides a detailed assessment directly to the family. Due to our expertise we can select 5-10 schools tailored to your child’s educational profile. We support you and your child through the entire admission process and help you to analyse the offers using our unrivaled experience in order to find the best school for your child.


Tutoring and preparation for UK schools

Together we determine short- and long-term educational objectives. Our team of experts will review the best tutors who will help your child reach their goal.



✓ Our services are entirely personalised and fully flexible to accommodate each client’s unique requirements.

✓ We have verifiable, in-depth knowledge of the UK education system; we make recommendations based on fact not hearsay or personal opinion!

✓ We maintain good relationships with more than 250 schools and with parents and other key stakeholders.

✓ We are focused and through our system of assigning a placement consultant to each family we are able to deliver a personal service.

✓ We have a 100% success rate for school placements.

✓ We are completely independent education experts.

✓ Our team collectively boasts 186 years of UK-specific education experience.

✓ We work with parents and clients to develop a strategic, realistic and flexible approach to choosing a school and having that school choose your child!

✓ Our placement consultants and other team members speak a total of more than 32 languages.

Why Work With Us

We increase the chances of your child being enrolled in the school of your choice.

By having regular contact with the school admissions teams, we understand the nature of their entry programmes, the admission exams they may set and we provide appropriate guidance and tutoring.

The placement consultant who works with a family is able to offer a very personal service to that family while also drawing off the full resources of the Fredel Education team.


Our Team

We are British firm and we understand leading UK private schools.

Martyn Birchall, the Chairman and founder of Fredel Education, has a British educational background being a former student of a major school and later of an elite university in UK. His professional experience has its roots in his appreciation of the UK educational system. Martyn’s family members are graduates of prestigious schools and universities from the UK and US. His son went to Eton College, a leading UK private school and at present studies at Oxford University, while Martyn’s wife has studied law at Yale University in the US.

The Fredel Education team which currently comprises more than 40 members includes a range of skillsets and experience and includes former teachers at leading UK schools, admissions officers and three former headmasters.

The Fredel Education representatives in various countries outside the UK have each completed an extensive training program conducted by the Fredel Education Training Director. They are, therefore, very well able to liaise with families in the countries in which they operate and act as valuable member of the Fredel Education delivery team.

A warm welcome from Martyn Birchall Chairman of Fredel Education

Engaing with Fredel Education confirms your desire to get the best education for your child. The UK high schools provide the most comprehensive education a child can receive. This education will ensure that your child is best prepared to enter higher education, to be admitted to leading universities and to go on and enjoy a fulfilling and satisfying life. Over the 10-15 years, students will need to develop a range of attributes, including soft skills, that are currently not easy to obtain from most schools. Only the leading schools in the world can offer a wide range of these features and there is no doubt that the British schools are best in class in this regard.


Martyn Birchall about the benefits of a UK private high school education

Martyn Birchall

Chairman of Fredel Education

Advantages of a
UK School Education

UK private Schools are Best in Class. In an everchanging environment, UK private high schools have the experience, expertise and the state of the art facilities in order to prepare your child for the future.

Here are three examples of leading UK schools that Fredel Education places students at:

Sevenoaks School

Established – 1432

Location – Sevenoaks, Kent

Colours – blue, red, white

Capacity – 1023

Age – 11 – 18

Sevenoaks is a co-educational day and boarding school for students aged 11 to 18. With students from around 45 countries around the world, the student body is lively, cosmopolitan and open-minded. Boarding is an important element in the school’s daily life and ethos, while our 600-year history, location and day student body ensure that the school remains firmly grounded in the local community. Sevenoaks has a reputation for exploring new ideas and is known for a global outlook which permeates the entire education experience.

Taunton School

Established – 1847

Location – Taunton, Somerset

Colours – blue, red, white

Capacity – 1016

Age – 8 – 18

Taunton School is a traditional co-educational boarding and day school for pupils aged 0–18 years. The School is located on a beautiful and safe campus on the edge of Taunton town and has excellent road and rail links with London. Taunton School was founded in 1847 and the beautiful old buildings are complemented by modern facilities.

Queen Ethelburga’s Collegiate

Established – 1912

Location – York, North Yorkshire

Colours – blue, gold

Capacity – 1600

Age – 8 – 19 years

Now set in more than 220 acres (100 hectares) of North Yorkshire countryside, Queen Ethelburga’s has provided students with a vibrant and supportive school community since 1912. It is known locally, nationally and internationally as a Collegiate of four schools that promotes the highest standards in all that it does. Queen Ethelburga’s promotes the highest academic standards for all, by providing a challenging, stimulating and varied curriculum, which fosters confidence, enthusiasm and curiosity.

Brighton College

Established – 1845

Location – Brighton, Sussex

Co-Ed and A-levels only

Capacity – 1100

Age – 3-18

Brighton College has consistently won awards as a leading UK school in recent years. Under the inspired leadership of Headmaster Richard Cairns, the school has become a very strong all round performer with great university entrance results ( 208 entrants to Oxford and Cambridge over the last 6 years!) and excellent pastoral activities. The school sets high academic standards and, therefore, is not for all students. However, if your child is strong academically and likes competition then this could be the right school. Brighton takes students mainly at 13 years of age but it does have its own Prep and Pre-Prep schools for those students who live near to Brighton.

Cottesmore School

Established – 1894

Location – Crawley, Sussex
Co-Ed, prepares students for Common Entrance

Capacity – 175

Age – 8-13

Cottesmore is superb UK Prep School. Prep Schools in Britain, as their name implies, “prepare” students for entry to their UK senior school. While some families may not feel happy with their child boarding from as young as 8 years, the good Prep Schools have superb pastoral, accommodation, catering and academic services. When combined with outstanding grounds and a wide range of first class sporting facilities, the good Prep Schools offer the near perfect school environment for a young child to develop in. As these schools are focused on getting their students in to the leading senior schools, they regularly send 100% of their students to the senior school of the family’s choice. Cottesmore is a excellent Prep School and a great “feeder” school for senior schools such as Eton, Harrow, Wycombe Abbey and Charterhouse.

Charterhouse School

Established – 1611

Location – Godalming, Surrey

Co-Ed , A-levels and IB

Capacity – 800

Age – 13-18

Set in stunning grounds and with amazing facilities, Charterhouse is a superb Co-Ed school for students 13-18 years. Offering A-levels and IB it has a diverse student body with a strong and wide-ranging international contingent. Academic standards are high but there is a large and experienced teaching faculty (exceeding 100 staff) so the teaching is highly effective. Parents speak very well of the overall education received by boys and girls at Charterhouse. The school has an active alumni association and like so many of the leading UK schools, the alumni include many leaders and opinion formers. Students benefit from the alumni connections when they are at the school and after they graduate.

EF Academy Oxford

Established – 2005

Location – Oxford

Co-Ed, IB only

Capacity – 188

Age – 16-19

EF Academy offers an interesting variation on the normal UK private school as this Oxford based school is part of a larger group with fellow campus in New York and California. The school focuses solely on students aged 16-18 years and who are preparing for the IB. Being located in Oxford, EF Academy draws heavily on visiting faculty and services of Oxford University. University entrance results are very good and, not surprisingly considering the US connections, many of the students go on the leading US and Canadian universities. The headmaster, Paul Ellis joined the school from Stoneyhurst, a prominent UK IB school and has overseen a major improvement in the IB grades earned by EF Academy students.


Fredel were superb!  Martyn, our Placement Specialist, was outstanding…Stephen’s parents first discussed his schooling with Martyn Birchall at Fredel Education when he was 6 years of age. Together they developed a programme to improve his skills in reading and writing in English. As the parents were keen for Stefan to attend a leading UK High School, we advised that he enroll in a Prep school (“Prep” is short for Preparatory and hence prepares students for their senior school). A list of 6 full-boarding Prep Schools was drawn up and applications made to each. After a weekend visiting the schools, Stefan’s parents chose Ludgrove School (which Prince William attended before going to Eton) and Stefan will join the school when he is 8 years of age and stay until 13 years when he will go to his senior school.

Stefan, Frankfurt, Ludgrove School,

Ramona was at an “international school” in her home city in Romania. In reality, the school was not international other than in name. Her parents wanted her to be taught in English and to follow the UK pattern of education. They realised that this could only be gained by enrolling their daughter in a UK school. Tony Collins in the Fredel Education team focused on Romania worked with the family and, after discussions with the family, arranged for Ramona to apply to 6 UK schools. She was delighted when she received 5 offers and is now very excited to be heading to the UK and a two-year A-level programme. Before departing to the UK Ramona is working with Tony Collins on a programme of sessions to help her better prepare for the UK style of teaching and to life in a UK boarding school. These preparation sessions are a key feature in a satisfactory transition from the home country to a UK school and are a particular feature of the Fredel Education approach to your child’s education.

Ramona, Cluj, Romania : Bromsgrove School

Patrick was a reserved boy studying at a small prep school in Durban, South Africa. Fredel Education placement specialist Bob Trenchard worked with Patrick and his family for nearly two years and during this time he helped build confidence in both Patrick and his parents that he could be accepted to a leading UK high school. While Patrick had good non-verbal reasoning skills he lacked self-confidence and an ability to focus. A tutor recommended by Fredel Education worked with Patrick to build his verbal reasoning skills and his written English. Further, Bob developed a programme of exercises that focused on improving his ability in mathematics and public speaking. These helped develop his self-esteem and this was of great advantage in the interviews he had at his chosen schools. After reviewing five UK schools and receiving offers from four, Patrick’s family chose Harrow. In the words of his mother : ”We owe so much to Bob and his colleagues at Fredel Ed…..they worked hard, smart and steadily to develop our son’s abilities….they saw his potential from the outset and were able to make it happen”.

Patrick, South Africa : Offered a place at Harrow School

Diana was in a very competitive school in Hong Kong and was struggling to establish herself. She often felt overwhelmed and her parents were concerned and considered withdrawing her and enrolling her in a less rigorous school programme. After an assessment by the Fredel Education HK and London teams, they were certain that Diana was potentially a strong all round candidate. An online tutoring programme, featuring a UK-based tutor, worked to help Diana release her full potential and this was evidenced by a very strong performance in the Common Entrance examination (an exam which can be taken at 13 years for admission to UK schools) and this supported her applications to six leading all girls schools in the UK. Less than eighteen months after fearing their daughter would not be able to cope with a rigorous academic schedule, Diana was accepted to one of the most academically demanding schools in the UK.

Diana, Hong Kong : Offered a place at Wycombe Abbey

Paulo is a fun-loving student who had an average academic record at his school in Italy but was more interested in football. His parents hired Fredel Education as they felt a UK school would be the best for him. We worked to involve Paulo in a range of interests and to develop his persona beyond football and jokes! As a result he was offered a place at Stowe School and he is now planning to go to the London School of Economics.

Paulo, Palma, Italy : Stowe School

Tran is an ambitious student who was doing well at his local school in Vietnam. His parents wanted him to go to a UK school before attending a US university. Nancy Pennington at Fredel Education developed a programme for Tran that both improved his written and spoken English but which introduced him to lifestyles and ideas beyond those he had experienced in Hanoi. His verbal communication skills were improved and he took part in a debate programme organised by Fredel Education. “We worked with the admissions team at Repton School and at three other schools to convey the potential that Tran was showing and how he could be a real addition to their schools”, says Nancy. “Fredel worked in a very effective way to help our son and we are grateful”, Mr Vong (Tran’s father). We were delighted to hear recently that Tran is planning to apply to Columbia University to read architecture.

Tran, Hanoi, Vietnam : Repton School

Wai Lin spent a year from the age of 15 years working with the Fredel teams in China and London preparing to apply to UK schools. Everyone was delighted when she received an offer from Queen Ethelburga’s as this was her first choice school.

Wong Wai Lin, Shenzen, PRC : Queen Ethelburga’s

Rasvan’s parents wanted him to attend a UK school but knew little about schools in the UK. They are concerned that most of the information they gained was anecdotal and not based in a detailed understanding. Rasvan’s school in Bucharest had little knowledge of the UK private high school’s and was reluctant to help. Fredel Education worked with the family to prepare a list of 8 schools and now Rasvan is in line for a place at Eton in 2022.

Rasvan, Bucharest, Romania :Eton College,

Christy’s passion is drama and her parents felt that with the strong dramatical tradition that has developed in UK schools would suit their daughter. While we discussed mainstream schools, it soon became clear that Christy was best suited to a dedicated drama high school. We prepared a list of five dedicated music and drama schools and Christy was accepted by all 5! Now it is next step the Oscars!!

Christy, San Francisco, USA : Hurtwood House

Dan is a lively and vivacious boy who has been diagnosed with a particular form of autism. The specialist needs team at Fredel Education and who have a long and extensive experience in helping students with special needs are working to place Dan at the right school for his needs. After detailed discussions with his family and doctors, we have recommended Shrub Oak School who are specialist in providing a first class education for students like Dan. We hope he will start at Shrub Hill next year and we are sure that Dan will excel and progress at this outstanding school. His parents are delighted and relieved. The parents of special needs children often feel overwhelmed by the challenges they face. In reality, the SEN (special needs) schools in the UK are amazing and achieve truly incredible outcomes with happy, confident and well-balanced students graduating.

Dan, Lyon, France : Shrub Oak School

Fanny has spent her entire life in France. Along with her parents, she decided that she wanted to study at a British university and to prepare for this with a two-year programme at a UK school. After an assessment by Fredel Education placement specialist Fiona Toogood, we recommended 6 schools. Everyone was delighted (but not surprised) when Fanny was accepted at 5 of the schools and she has chosen D’Overbroecks in Oxford. Her father reports that he has recently visited her in Oxford and that she is loving school and life in Oxford. As a boarder Fanny is supervised and has a superb environment in which to study while living in one of the great cities of learning in the world. Fanny plans to apply to Cambridge University this year and is intending to study psychology.

Fanny, Paris, France : D’Overbroecks College, Oxford

We worked with Ronnie for nearly six months to better understand his personality and interests in order to select the best school for him. He is a boy with very strong views and we felt he would benefit from a multi-cultural community and with a strong academic standard so that he would feel challenged to the fullest extent. Fredel Education arranged visits to Winchester College, Westminster School and Cardiff and after having interviews at each school Ronnie and his parents chose Cardiff. He tells us that he is “loving every minute and has made lots of friends, is doing well in his three A-level subjects and is intending to apply to Harvard University to read economics.

Ronnie, Madrid, Spain : Cardiff Sixth Form College

Adrian’s personality is best suited to the IB syllabus rather than A-levels as he is undecided as to whether he wants to specialise in humanities or science. Hence and after a period of discussion and assessment by Barry Fawtley his Fredel Education placement consultant, the advice we gave him was to follow the IB curriculum. We worked with Adrian to improve his spoken English and to enhance his non-verbal reasoning skills. His applications to the five schools we shortlisted were successful. And he (after a lot of discussion) has chosen Oakham School. We wish him the very best and we are sure he will excel.

Adrian, Cluj, Romania : Oakham School
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