Fredel Education is pleased to share this note from the incoming head of Queen Ethelburga’s College in York, England as it further confirms the extensive measures UK schools (and UK universities) are taking to protect their students during these challenging times.


For the UK private schools the task has been to maintain the level and quality of education they provide to their students while fully protecting them from the effects of the Covid virus.


Sadly, in the UK and in Romania, state funded schools have not been able to achieve the balance of continuing to provide a valuable education for their students and protect them from the effects of the Covid virus.


The start of the new school year in Romania will likely see schools move to online learning. To date the indications are that this will not be able offer the level of teaching and supervision required to ensure the students remain current with their studies.


Again, this shows up the divide between the privately funded schools and the state-funded schools. Further, it highlights the superior resources that the UK private schools can focus to ensure that they make the very best response to the challenges that Covid offers.


You simply cannot ignore the effects Covid will have on your child’s education. This virus will present challenges to schools for years to come not weeks or months. Hence you owe it to your child to consider the very best options and these are in the UK.